Rings of Saturn

    This is a generative system that is able to create multi-spatial sound/noise enhanced with reverb. It uses the Game of Life concept, inspired by Brian Eno. There is a 256 voice polysynth that feeds into the ‘Drop Sample / Live-Sampling’ section, which can then be manipulated by the Granulator — splitting the 256 voices into innumerable grains and enabling the creation of interesting futuristic / sci-fi / experimental sounds. Playing with the parameters creates variations in the grains. Spindrift is used to manipulate the spatial arrangement of sound in an octophonic setup. The ‘Play/Stop/Record’ section is able to capture the automation of spatial placement (the user can draw / locate the sound by playing with the red circle). The ‘8 Channel Spatial Reverb’ section can be used to create a wide spatial arrangement. ‘Pitch shift’ can be used to transpose the sound. *Please open the ringsofsaturnmainpatch in the folder for the whole patch*