Rock Paper Superpower

    Rock Paper Superpower - TIFF Boombox Heroes Vs Villains 2019

    Rock, Paper, Superpower is an interactive activation we originally created for TIFF's Boombox Heroes vs Villains Halloween Party 2019. Costumed contestants duked it out in a superpower-strutting video-battle inspired by Rock, Paper, Scissors. Contestants first choose their attack (rock, paper, or scissors) by inputting them into a custom interface we designed. When the battle begins, they strike a super pose and their attack is revealed as a superpower while facing off on a Gothamesque rooftop. By the end of the night, Villains had the higher score. Any Heroes out there up for a rematch to save the day?
    This work used Max / Jitter as well as the Kinect V2 (Dale Phurrough's dp.kinect2 object), and an Arduino with custom electronics.
    Team Electric Perfume: Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins