sa.scale.matrix.amxd & sa.push2.receiver.amxd
    the push2 pad matrix is infinitely rich for creating new musical ideas. So why not use Max8 to take control and align new note layouts in columns. This is what sa.scale.matrix.amxd does by using a scale and transposing it by itself.
    By adding its receiver accessory and its flexibility to take and release control of the Push2 automatically. A new world of expression awaits at your fingertips. Pressing the scale button transforms the Push2 ribbon into an omnichord to trigger the list of 64 notes that make up the pad matrix. This work I designed and created in opposition to the sequencer in the hope that users take the risk of triggering the elements themselves, while having a harmonically homogeneous matrix in its layout. In a poetic way I would like to make peace in the world by restoring a new harmonization of music and a new interface where our different cultures come together.
    With all my Love sebairstein