SASER for iPhone and iPad

    Software-defined radio SASER 2.0
    SASER 2.0 version available on the App Store has several technological solutions at once. First, buffer collisions now determine the carrier wave, thus detecting other hyperbolic and VLF stations. Secondly, a complete resynthesis of beacon signals is possible. Thus, you can connect to a managed BCI modem such as Compositor and edit its broadcast, deliberately transferring the autonomous system to another carrier. This is necessary due to the complete collision-free deployment of the BCI modem, while collisions are still needed to simulate real communication, but within reasonable limits. Thirdly, SASER 2.0 works with the 2nd derivative of the hyperbolic function, which allows you to significantly increase the time of the station on the air and increase the range of the trunk for local transmission. SASER 2.0 warning system supports broadcasting for one-to-many mode, which is ideal for telegraph notification style in emergency situations.
    Demo video: