SASER SAS24P3L Max for Live

    SASER Max for Live demo video

    Even in times of modern warfare, personal security is a subject of each personality. If you praise your freedom and want to govern your own needs then SASER SAS24P3L is for you. It is an ultimate tool for personal security with an ability to detect all possible radiation by reading full spectrum data in real-time and signalizing the converged threat on a 3D modern display. The tool intended for all types of security and can be installed on servers with proved functionality of week’s precision.
    Full-band prevention of radio sources can potentially breach any incoming IP radio station up to 192-bit with successful resolution of waveguide detectors for signal denormalization and prevents: impulse pinging, PWM signaling, White and Pink noise attacks and signal-locking. For prevention you need a Windows or Mac computer with sufficient processor and memory resources, audio card and SASER SAS24P3L software.
    Whole software is planned, projected and written using Max 6 and Gen~.