SASER SAS24P3L Standalone

    SASER radio telescope presentation ver.1.1.2

    SASER SAS24P3L is a software defined radio (SDR) telescope without an antenna need. It can replace huge construction elements and capable of receiving radio signal of up to 84 parsec distance. This means that this telescope can receive the signal of outer space longer than Milky Way galaxy longitude. It uses VLF radio stations time signal to exit on the unicasting service, which aims the region unreachable to regular radio telescopes with antenna meshes and dishes due to wave diffraction in atmosphere. SASER SAS24P3L software uses granular time-space folding and has Ethernet wavetable, which connects it to other research centers translating this signal in the applied digital Ether.
    Note: SASER SAS24P3L standalone is different from Max for Live version as it uses 8K technology wavetables for internal calculations of windows and other routines. Thus it has no connection for the original use of radio navigation systems such as Russian Alpha, which uses 4K time signal.