Saturation (excerpt)

    Saturation's sounds are exclusively produced in real-time by Max6 and a oscbank~ object. The Max patch receives OSC data from Processing application and handles all sound generation.

    • Nov 26 2013 | 5:58 am
      I'm amased! At first its like nothing but just a noise but as I listen further I see the impact of social network in every aspect of the world.
    • Nov 26 2013 | 8:58 pm
      social networks drive us into noisier days...
    • Jan 08 2014 | 8:44 pm
      Julian -
      This may be among my favorite works of yours to date. It is the kind of thing I wrote about during my Literary Theory days in University, but could never bring to fruition - the technology (and the social networks) were not there yet. I suspected that S/N ratio would be a driving force in a return to real social interaction, and your piece illustrates the premise of the converse sonically and, dare I say, beautifully. As someone who listened to all the noise albums I could get my hands on in the 80s and 90s when I was writing along these lines, your generative piece would have stood up very well, and been a hit among the other weirdos who liked this kind of thing.
      Thank you for sharing!
    • Jan 08 2014 | 8:52 pm
      Rob, thanks a lot for your feedbacks. Actually, I think I will open the patch for people to understand the process. It is basic, but I think that it could be interesting.
      I'd like to show it and currently looking for a place to exhibit it.
      Btw, I hope you'll like my other current work: