Seeking Inwardly

    Interactive 3D video installation with red-cyan anaglyph glasses and hand-tracking navigation
    The installation "Seeking Inwardly" gives an explorative insight into an inner world cosmos entrapped in itself, similar to the hollow earth theory. Seeking Inwardly is a journey into a strange world created by the artist, which is comparable to the subconsciousness or hidden inner being of every human being, locate to the human aspect in a novel transformed virtual contexts. From the centre to the outer crust, the recipient navigates and explores spaces with virtual objects, symbols and abstract formations, each of which is surrounded by associating sounds scapes, which the artist himself experienced. Michel Winterberg works with specially created 3D scans of personal objects and body parts of himself. These scans contain imperfect artifacts which draws attention to the narrow line between perfectionism and imperfections between human and technology.
    Used Max 7 and Leap Motion