Sektor - Spectral Audio Effect/Looper

    Sektor is an Max for Live insert effect for Ableton Live that uses an FFT-based frequency gate to split the incoming audio signal into up to four frequency bands. Each of the signals can be routed to individual channels in Ableton Live, where the sound can then be further shaped with effects. Further, looping and sampling functions are available to the user, allowing for in-depth audio editing and manipulation. On the scrolling spectrogram the user can draw rectangles defining frequency range and time range. This is a very accessible way to apply the sound characteristics of FFT filtering to an incoming audio signal. The powerful internal modulation system allows the size and position of the rectangles to be modulated with a wide variety of waveforms, creating exciting and unexpected sonic results. Demo: Requires at least Ableton Live 10 Suite, however Live 11 Suite is recommended.