modular live performance @ SAT / ELEKTRA

    John Chowning, researcher & composer, especially known for his work on frequency modulation sound synthesis algorithm, expressed the necessity of including and considering the proper space where the music will be spread as a very early part of the composition itself. He wrote : « we sense the space ». is an audiovisual live performance exploring different sound synthesis contexts, sound visualization and which uses the spherical environment and multi-channels as one of the core of the synthesis of sound itself. is based on the use of hardware modular synthesizer as the unique raw source of sound. The piece evolves all along different contexts involving a maximum of 5 sound module which are analyzed in real-time by a computer and spatialized (placed in the space) using ambisonic algorithms. The space itself is used as a modulator.
    Co-presented by Symposium IX and ELEKTRA
    Residency Assistants: Aurélie Vial / Peter Van Haaften
    Pictures © Sébastien Roy

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