Signal Culture | Frame Buffer App

    Frame Buffer App Tutorial

    The Signal Culture Frame Buffer is a real-time video processing app that saves a series of video frames into memory that repeat over one another within the keyed areas of either a luma key or a chroma key. The luminance keyer allows the user to key based on grayscale values while the chroma keyer allows for keying based on a specific range of colors.
    This app can be used for both recording or live performance and has support for live streaming video, webcam, and quicktime movies. It works with a variety of capture cards and D/A devices. Other features include easy midi assignment from any midi device, soft edge keying, and a variety of frame rates and resolutions from 256x256 "classic jones" to full 1080p HD video playback and recording.
    Signal Culture is a nonprofit experimental media art organization offering residencies, resources (such as the App Club!), and exhibition opportunities.