Signal Culture | SSSScan App

    SSSScan App Club Demo

    SSSScan is a buffered slitscan app that allows you to work with a slowscan effects using a variety of gradients that determine the shape and movement of the buffered slitscan. Is usable alongside other SC Apps and other software packages using Syphon! App was created using MAX.
    This app can be used for both recording or live performance and has support for live streaming video, webcam, and QuickTime movies. It works with a variety of capture cards and D/A devices. Other features include easy midi assignment from any midi device, soft edge keying, and a variety of frame rates and resolutions from 256x256 "classic jones" to full 1080p HD video playback and recording.
    Signal Culture is a nonprofit experimental media art organization offering residencies, resources (such as the App Club!), and exhibition opportunities.