SignWaves Installation Live Debut - A user-driven, interactive videoart maker

    The artist, Kasumi, has created works composed of small repeating GIFs, arranged in a matrix and displayed on a large monitor. The GIFs are identical loops, but delayed in time, creating interesting wave patterns. Kasumi asked if it might be possible to create a display using live video rather than pre-made GIFs. I looked at the Jitter object, jit.matrixset, in Max and saw that it would make a nice video delay-line for a live feed. After experimenting with the Max patch, Kasumi found that "old-school" video feedback was creating incredible images. We are still working on new versions of this work, which is now installed at Akron's public library and was exhibited at Akron's "First Night" New Year's Eve celebration. Chris Yewell Winter 2018 The overall project, "The Optics of Memory", is funded by the John S. Knight Foundation. Video artist: Kasumi Max Programming: Chris Yewell Support from Kent State University (including fabrication of mirrored wall): Diane Davis-Sikora