All programming was done using Max

    • May 16 2012 | 8:22 pm
      Hi, the windows work?
    • May 17 2012 | 3:02 am
      Hey man, sorry should have put down that its mac only. I'll put up a zip of all the Max patches and externals on the wordpress page though and hopefully you'll be able to run it on windows that way..... dont have a windows computer runnin Max anymore so I cant check I'm afraid
    • May 17 2012 | 3:23 am
      Project folder for 1.4 just uploaded to my wordpress page.... hope it works for ya!
    • May 17 2012 | 5:21 am
      Hi, Thanks so much ;) Аll is well, skaoss works ;) But in the folder with the patch is not enough patcher chuckerChopper3 ~.maxpat ;)
    • May 17 2012 | 7:16 am
      Sorry about that man-my bad, too many folders of stuff kept too untidily for me to keep track :) Changed the link there so now the folder should include everything ya need.... probably easiest to just delete the old folder as I changed the patch name to chuckerChopper3.maxpat (no "~") and changed the main patch to incorporate this. Hope ya enjoy!
    • May 17 2012 | 9:36 am
      Thanx ! Nice job !!! skaoss for me very useful :)
    • May 17 2012 | 2:27 pm
      Excellent, thank you! Have you considered adding MIDI control to this?
    • May 18 2012 | 6:05 am
      @kluben Good to hear it man, i'd love to hear anything you end up doin with it.
      @yasha Yea I had thought bout midi but I dont really have a controller that would work with it... I'm workin on a few improvements at the moment so once Ive done those I'll see about settin up some kind of midi control for it. The main problem I had with doing it though was that I'd probably have to make a controller specially for it(have a couple of arduinos lyin around but missin pretty much everythin elsse I would need) if I really wanted it to work properly-othertwise you'd kinda be lookin at doing some stuff(maybe controlling some of the effects for example) using midi but would still have to input the sequences and other stuff using the mouse.
      Anywho aimless rant over :) If ya have any particular suggestions on how to go about implementing some midi control let me know(just added a contact page on my wordpress) otherwise just keep an eye on the page n i'll put up new versions when ever they're available(and hopefully I'll have set up some sort of midi control soon). PS as i said to kluben I'd love to hear anything you end up doing with it!