SketchASound V1.0
    SketchASound V1.0

    A audio application I built for live improvisation with multiple sound files. It has a handy multi channel file recorder for recording your performance or sketches as stems. Max 8 was used to build this. Click here to download.

    • Feb 01 2019 | 4:21 am
      First thanks for this. Any chance you have a .PDF or a brief video tour of what this monster does?
      Nice one.
    • Feb 10 2019 | 1:15 pm
      You can download a video play-through here:
      ; )
    • Mar 06 2019 | 12:46 pm
      For some reason I can't open the app; any ideas ? (I use Max for Live) Thank you
    • Mar 26 2019 | 4:32 pm
      Failed zip download for me. Looks like a pretty cool app though.
    • Mar 26 2019 | 6:57 pm
      Managed to download the folder but Max seems to crash when I try to open the app. Shame..
    • Mar 27 2019 | 5:20 pm
      @EARTH2j I checked the download link which seems ok at my end.
      @ALEX BACIU This is a standalone max app. It's not optimised to open in M4L.
    • Mar 27 2019 | 5:54 pm
      @samplehold For whatever reason it starts to download but stays at about 25% download (Chrome/Brave). Will keep working at it...thanks.