Snoopsy is a snippet looper (future plans are to make it so that different internal 'snippets' will be stored and output in a random sequence) which currently works much like a stutter-engine that has added ping-pong delay, hi/lopass filter, and bitcrush effects. Snoopsy was developed in Max using Oopsy which made it very easy to patch, flash to the Daisy, then test, and repeat. This workflow was so quick, the patch came together in just two days, and inspires me to create more programs which run embedded like this, so as to think more in terms of writing small subsets of functions or smaller programs in a way that is much more like writing simple songs. Files available in this thread:

    • Mar 24 2021 | 5:36 pm
      i knew it would open up again beeing stereo-echoed after the filter went down, and i am always right.