sonic particles 2.0 - a real-time sonification of urban environmental data

    sonic particles 2.0 is a real-time sonification of urban environmental data. It was created as part of the international data visualization challenge, Data Canvas: Sense Your City.
    Prior to the challenge a network of sensors were spread out in seven cities across three continents. The network of open data provided by the DIY environmental sensors empowered citizens with real-time information about their surroundings.
    sonic particles 2.0 translates the abstract environmental data into sound providing an aesthetic musical representation of differentiating urban environments. Each city has it's own unique ever-changing composition.
    The DIY sensors were deployed in Spring 2015 by a community spread across 3 continents - in San Francisco, Bangalore, Boston, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Singapore. By selecting a city on the map you will hear the emerging composition.
    (Sensors are not streaming anymore, but a version based on historical data is available).

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