Sound Matters

    Sound Matters is a series of digital objects molded by sampled ambient sounds, that offers a look into the complexity of omnipresent events that surround us.
    The artwork is an exploration triggered by the desire to rediscover and repurpose sounds we take for granted and often disregard; and converting them into images that aim to trigger in others the same rediscovery feeling. Each piece starts from ambient sound we sampled in each location. We then process each recording via Max/MSP to generate images that allow to extrapolate its abundance of details — from thin air to an element that did not exist before, yet entirely influenced by something we are constantly immersed in. Sound Matters is about contemplating the richness of ambient sound. A precious element, for you to explore with your eyes.

    • Apr 26 2017 | 7:10 pm
      Really amazing. Thank you for sharing so much of your process and research.