Soundscape by Alt Ethos

    As you walk through the Music and Sound Lab a mysteriously glowing room catches your eye. Out of curiosity you step inside and soon discover that your position inside the room is creating music in real time. The intimate scale of the room widens below you as you walk suspended in space. The wall pulsates over your coordinates on the floor. As the moments pass, others join in creating an ensemble of organic sound.
    Alt Ethos custom designed this interactive exhibition to create a meaningful experience for patrons to learn, reflect, and have fun through hands-on explorations. Visitors control a multichannel sound system and projection-mapped visuals through physical movement.
    The audio/visual elements are generated through a system utilizing TouchDesigner, Processing and Max/MSP. Processing both passes data to TouchDesigner 1. Through OSC and Max/MSP and 2. Video to Spout, an inter application video program.

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