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    Recital Ecos n.2 (SIMN)

    Patch main interface
    Patch main interface

    This is part of my PhD research on musical structuring based on emergence theories, called Ecos Studies, in which I handle with the Audible Ecosystems paradigm as experimental territory. Max supported us by providing the modelling environment for our acoustic-digital feedback-loop control engine, which we are calling Spatial Instrument. Spatial because it is a hybrid instrument (acoustic and digital) that relies on the physicality of the acoustic environment, the equipment (microphones, speakers, cables, dsp, etc.), the distances between the components, and therefore space. We are developing several tools, theoretical and technical, seeking strategies for the realization of audible ecosystems.
    Nodes object helped to implement the matrix where we control the topology of simultaneous feedback loops and feedback layers. No external object was used.