Spirit Of Autumn

    A-BLOK - Spirit of Autumn at ARTECHOUSE Museum

    ARTECHOUSE, a new museum in Washington DC specialising in digital art, asked us for an interactive installation for September 2017. We created Spirit Of Autumn, an interactive and participative installation based on the autumn theme. Visitors took part in the experience by customising an autumn leaf on paper. Digitalised, it appeared in real time in the wind of the autumn landscape before being integrated into one of the five interactive stations: the leaf ballet, the pile of leaves, the body of leaves, rain and thunder. In one month, more than 15 000 leaves were coloured.
    Conception, development, interaction: A-BLOK Design: A-BLOK & ARTECHOUSE Max MSP main developer: Mathieu Constans Body of leaves: Guillaume Bertrand Wind developer: Federico Foderaro Video setup: Silva Sveta