Stellar (The Making Of)

    An interactive installation which aims to create a sonification of stars and constellations data through a dedicated interface.
    Since there’s no sound in space, I wanted to to conceptualize a link between electromagnetic and sound waves allowing visitors to learn about specific stars through sound information.
    Two players can use the system at the same time, by moving their right hands over the two black, circular sensors.
    The data rendered for each star are: temperature (color index: red star = old and cold, blue star = hot and young), brightness (as seen from Earth), distance (from Earth) respectively mapped into: frequency (Hz), amplitude (dB), duration (ms).
    The project has been developed using Arduino, Leap Motion and Max7.
    Objects used include Maxuino ( and aka.leapmotion by Masayuki Akamatsu.
    Data of more than 300 stars and 44 constellations have been stored from the open-source software, and coded to interact with the robotic arms.