Stepper 2.00

    A simple M4L midi effect, allows you to play sequence by triggering a single note. For instance, you want to play some melody or harmony, or whatever else, over your main set of sounds and you don't have extra devices, pads or keys to cover the whole idea. In this case Stepper will be useful.
    • basic and advanced modes. Basic - step-forward sequence. Advanced - the list of adjustable pitches and preview buttons
    • steps amount in range 1 - 128
    • incoming notes filter. Filter is On - passes only last triggered note. Off - all notes are passed and processed
    • reset button. Resets sequence to the first step
    • is legible in all Live color themes
    About advanced mode, incoming note filter and other features: How it applies in practice with Drum Rack and Scale midi effect with using basic step-forward sequence: