STRUCTURE LIVE (teaser)

    Max8 is used everywhere in the project. The whole visuals system is based upon it, only. The sound analysis, midi triggering dispatching and all visuals alteration logics are Max8. Ableton Live is used to assemble and mangle the sound, but also for visuals triggering alteration while analyzing the sound flow in real-time. STRUCTURE.LIVE audiovisual live performance extends the artist’s field of exploration to more tangible paradigms, injecting physical realities into his digital chaos, creating the first merge, collision, fusion between human and inert elements to date in Bayle’s work.
    STRUCTURE.LIVE visual matter literally deploys 3D volumetric captured material. New depth-map capture techniques providing a powerful set of tools for both capturing movements & scanning close distance environment, Bayle works with his partner Acoustic Research Lab (LMA-CNRS) and involved Université de Nantes’ mathematics department into his project through students’ workshops and art/ science residence

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    • shihua
      Oct 23 2019 | 4:51 pm
      Stunning beautiful