Superior Pattern Processing

    Superior Pattern Processing (Wakefulness)

    Superior Pattern Processing is an audiovisual space where visitors attempt to solve patterns. Based on their responses, the room changes to different videos and sounds. When enough patterns have been solved correctly or incorrectly, the room transforms to one of two states: "Wakefulness" or "The Delta Wave."
    The work leaves viewers to question the "superior pattern processing" ability of humans while immersed in multiple projections, a computer network, and a clinical, cerebral soundscape emitting from a sound system placed around the perimeter of the room.
    The networking capabilities of Max and Mira were critical in executing this project. Due to the large number of projectors, several computers were used and video timing was done with commands sent between several [UDPsend]/[UDPreceive] objects. Jitter's ability to alter loop points was extremely useful for figuring out the scrolling effect of the primary video where the patterns appear.

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