MAX/MSP was at the very heart of this epic scale project. The installation contained 8 internally mounted video projectors, 5 networked computers, 4 Arduino UNO boards with each processing information from an accelerometer chip and a full scale sound system. A series of independent MAX applications were built to process and exchange information within the entire system.
    Using serial port patches and UDP send and receive objects data from the accelerometers traced the position of the sculptures as they moved through space. From there a series of math functions transformed data from the pendulum motions of the sculptures from changes in the X/Y/Z axis to radians and degrees. A switch was then created by giving these numbers a threshold and a reset time.
    These triggers were then used to initiate MIDI notes in an audio sequence built using LOGIC PRO. Additionally, these triggers were networked back to the sculptures to control the the scaling of the video and a video crossfader built with MAX's JITTER components.

    • Nov 20 2012 | 10:35 pm
      All I can say is WOW! Do yourself a favour and check out these artists via the Symphony in d minor link post above. I would love to see this installation.