Holofractal impromptu #12: Synolo Iketes at the 9#Art

    Synolo Iketes: holofractal impromptu #12

    Most of live electronics are produced by the "Holofractal Music and Image Transducer", a max/msp/jitter system that, between many different tasks, captures live movements on webcams (using Jamoma, by Place, Lossius, Peters et alii) to be transduced into real-time synthesized or granularized sounds and processed images. This complex patch includes FM Synthesizers, like FM Surfer by John Bischoff and X-FM~, Granular synthesis and spatializer by Chris Keyes, LiveGranulator by GMU, IRCAM's FTM objects, remote controllers by Mitch Turner, Greek Modes player by V. J. Manzo.