I wished I could carry my tape recorder everywhere, so I made Max for Live devices for this.
    Tapes is a set of two simple audio processing tools for Ableton Live that simulate the nonlinearities of tape machines creating a tape-like sound that adds character and depth to any audio source
    Tapehead works in-line and is designed to recreate the dub effect of parallel mixing with a tape machine. It features a moving tape head that simulates the process of recording to and playing back from tape, allowing you to easily incorporate a tape feeling to the mix.
    Tapeloop is based is designed to recreate the Varispeed effect, which was a common technique used to manipulate the pitch and speed of recordings. The device loops a sample and allows you to easily adjust the speed and pitch of your audio.
    The two devices features a built-in FIR filter, which uses impulse responses recorded from actual tape machines to add an authentic analog-like feel to your recordings.
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    • Trevor being Trevor
      Jul 26 2023 | 3:17 pm
      Wow this is cool, great work!
    • matissev's icon
      matissev's icon
      Jul 28 2023 | 7:38 am
      Thank you !