THE MAX MAESTRO - Animated notation system for choir

    THE MAX MAESTRO is an animated notation system for choir/ crowd of people, which was developed within the artistic research project VOICES OF UMEÅ by Anders Lind, composer, CD at the Department of Creative studies/ Umeå university/ Sweden. It runs as a standalone application, created in MAX/MSP and is controlled by a midi interface and an Ipad. By using simple animated graphics on a screen, instead of a complex notated score the main ideas was to:
    1. Enable common people without score \x28reading skills to participate in complex performances \x28for choir/ crowd of people\x28
    2. Enable a choir/ crowd of common people to be synchronized \x28with an electronic part in a performance without the need of a human conductor\x28
    3. Enable live-improvisation with a choir/ crowd of common people\x28
    4. Minimise the rehearsal time for a complex composition involving\x28 electronics and a crowd of common people performing live on stage
    See video link for more info