"The model kit" interactive spatial performance

    "The model kit"

    "The model kit" is an interactive spatial audio performance.The performers with musical instruments are placed in different places of the big space. The music score consists of a small model for improvisation that should be repeated and the scheme for interaction with the sound that performer hears. The listeners can participate in the performance by using the web application on their smartphones and tablets (or laptops etc). The listener can record the sound of the instrument that is being played and then play it back through any of seven loudspeakers. The qr codes near all the performers were used to get a fast access to the appropriate web page.The interactive part is done with Max. The patch polls a text file on a web server with information about all events. The web app is very simple and is done with jQuerymobile and a simple php script.Performed on June 15,16 2013 in Manezh exhibition hall, Moscow, Russia as part of the project "The trajectory of sound", idea of the project - Dmitri Kourliandski.Score and programming: Alex Nadzharov
    Performed by Moscow Contemporary Music EnsembleIvan Bushuev - flutes, Oleg Tantsov - clarinets, Vladislav Pesin - violin, Ilya Rubinstein - cello, Nikolay Gorshkov - double bass, Dmitry Vlasik - percussion, Mikhail Komarov - percussion
    MCME ensemble directed by Viktoria Korshunova.