Tonalism presented by dublab

    This year, Tonalism will be presented in a 13-channel speaker system. Tonalism will be using Max as its primary means of spatialization in the 13-channel sound system. Using a Behringer X32 mixer, input from the live performers will be routed into a master control patch. Each input, after a level adjustment/eq stage, will then be passed to a routing matrix, which will then send each input to any or all the following control modules: live stereo diffusion, Ambisonics "Lissajous" 3D spatialization, random speaker routing, and direct to speaker routing. The Lissajous Spatializer is made up of 8 buses which any of the inputs can be sent into. Each bus can be sent to any x-y-z/a-e-d location in space and the module will route the audio to the correct speakers to emulate the sound sources in the bus actually being present at that location in space. The Lissajous Spatializer control unit supports automated motion including points orbiting each other, random motion, spirals, independent x-y-z parametrization by sine curves (hence the name, Lissajous), and more.
    Each speaker has its own output module in Max. This speaker module receives the signal being sent to it from all of the spatialization processing modules and passes it through parametric EQ and then allows for the clean signal to be passed through along with the ability to pass it through an individual reverb unit or a delay unit with fixed/variable feedback just for the sound coming through that speaker.
    Finally, the audio is passed out of Max, through the Behringer mixer, and to the actual physical speakers.