Tromleorkestret - The Firespewing Music Machine

    Tromleorkestret - Neukõlln

    Sound Manipulation Gloves vs. Mekanisk Slide Bass

    Tromleorkestret - Kyoto


    Tromleorkestret plays psychedelic barrel-organ music on a self-constructed, trip-inducing, mechanical, high-tech, fire-spewing, steampunk barrel-organ, featuring robotic slide bass, mechanical xylophone, robotic drums, a build-in modified cello, microphones in horns and ancient telephones, a very special percussion instrument based on amplified springs and much more. 
    The musical performance is a accompanied by audio, visual and pyrotechnic effects and the sound from the machine is manipulated wirelessly by a pair of wireless gloves mounted with sensors.
    Max is used extensively in the project. The effects controlled by the wireless gloves are written in Max. Furthermore, I use Max when prototyping - it is standard practice for me to develop my audio algorithms to a fairly mature level in Max, before converting to C++ code to compile on embedded devices such as Bela. The ability provided by Max4Live to communicate between Ableton devices and to external devices has also been invaluable!