URL_1 - demo

    URL_1 is an interactive sound installation. The program is organized as a point and click game containing videos, images and 10 audio tracks that can be played, stopped and mixed by the user. The esoteric layout of URL_1 takes inspirations from ARGs and found footage movies, using audio and video material derived from random YouTube searches to create a new explorable reality. The aim of this installation is to provide a sound experience that involves directly the listener in the creation of an audio composition, without requiring any musical knowledge. The software does not require any installation or additional program to be run. It can be launched by double clicking on the .exe file in the principal folder, if the audio doesn't start right away, please follow the instructions in the manual by clicking on the "?" symbol to correctly set up the audio status of the program.
    demo https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/617893434