Vector Graphics + Laser double projection

    AnyNote (colours)

    Checker Sphere

    Color Ray

    The project uses a newly developed technique to superpose the 3d vector shape generated on a vector analog monitor (a modified Vectrex console of the 80s), and the laser projection of the same 3d shape. The laser parts are colorful while the Vectrex part are monochromatic. The techniques exploits the best characteristics of both worlds: the slow but intense light of lasers onto the fast but less bright monitor beam. The combination of these two complementary materials enhances furthermore the analog depth to the overall image. MaxMSP was the essential graphic and audio tool of the project: it generated the signals for the XY deflections of the beams (both for the laser and the monitor) to draw both shapes; the same exact signals that you hear in the audio part of the video (XY => LR). MSP allows me the creation of more complex structures compared to what I was previously developing using my modular synthesizer. Check my website/vimeo/IG to see the development of this technique.

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