Video Voto Matic

    Video Voto Matic (updated documentation)

    Video Voto Matic combines a drum sequencer and a vintage voting booth. It samples footage from the current presidential race and allows a user to sequence several individual video tracks on a sixteen-beat loop. Users punch their rhythm into a “voting booklet” that mimics the infamous punchcard-style Votomatic voting machines used during the 2000 Florida election debacle. Instead of a providing the names of candidates, the booklet is filled with sample drum patterns. Users can follow the patterns suggested by the booklet or they can punch in their own. Several stations exist, and an installation would closely resemble a real-life polling station, resulting in an uncanny experience for the participant.
    The entire interface is programed in Max, which allows for precise timing. The video clips are handled with objects allowing for quick video processing. The aesthetics of the interface owe a great deal to the Max programming environment.