volumetric LED chandelier

    Volumetric LED Chandelier

    This project was created in collaboration with IB5k for Verizon's booth at a trade show in Las Vegas. The "chandelier" uses two webcams to capture viewers' silhouettes, and translates those silhouettes into light – a different color on each side. When nobody's present, the chandelier's custom software uses the noise in ambient light to create a glittering blend of the two colors, beckoning attendees into the booth. The piece is two meters (six and a half feet) tall, and uses 36 custom-built LED tubes. Each tube has 60 pixels, for a total of 2,160 individual points of light. Custom Max/MSP/Jitter software maps the live video feed into the physical shape of the chandelier, cascading images away from the viewer on each side.

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    • T. A. Gambarotto
      Jan 17 2019 | 7:50 pm
      Very nice. Where did the individually addressable led strips come from?
    • Sam Galison's icon
      Sam Galison's icon
      Sam Galison
      Jan 18 2019 | 6:29 pm
      Thanks! The strips themselves are from Adafruit (these ones), and they're inserted into lengths of translucent HDPE tubing (the same material that Nalgene bottles are made of).
    • Patrick Kleine's icon
      Patrick Kleine's icon
      Patrick Kleine
      Apr 15 2019 | 12:44 pm
      Really cool installation! Any chance you could explain in a bit more detail the custom software side of things? Currently trying to figure out how to send video, via max, to a 30x60 pixel wall of LED. Thanks