a simple vst host application, made with max. the project started with me needing some kind of host to run vst instruments from my tablet, for a workgroup that i facilitate for disabled musicians, without having to run a DAW, ie: cubase or protools. max to the rescue, and a simple host application.
    the application has a few variants, first, is for use on a tablet or slate, second, a desktop version, and lastly, a mini version.
    the application varies depending on what it is being used on, for the slate and desktop, it has a full screen mode. for the mini version, this is not applicable.
    all versions have icon buttons for [connect device], choose [vsti] and open the [vst gui], there is also audio on or off and [adstatus] for changing your audio settings.
    clicking on the keyboard graphic, this shows and hides the control functions, and buttons for changing the color of the graphic, big keys, small keys and borders, can all be changed by the application user.