WaveDNA's Liquid Rhythm Beat Generation Software

    Liquid Rhythm as a Max Patch in Ableton Live 9 Suite

    When WaveDNA began to create Liquid Rhythm, we began in Java for ease of cross platform development and a large open source community of existing code we could leverage. For high audio quality, we decided to build our entire system on top of Cycling'74 MaxMSP, allowing for developers to create 'mxj' objects, Java objects that can be embedded into MaxMSP's patches. This allowed us to leverage our existing code and reuse it in this amazing music prototyping language. We built an entire product that depends on MaxMSP for all its audio capabilities when running in standalone mode.
    When Ableton released Live 9, with a new powerful Live Object Model, we saw how we could easily migrate our existing audio engine written in MaxMSP to work in Ableton's Max for Live environment. The document model opened an amazing new workflow, which allows users to directly manipulate clips using Liquid Rhythm within Ableton 9. This has become one of our most popular features, drawing great praise from our customer base. This wouldn't have been possible if we didn't depend on Max as our base. It is a remarkable prototyping environment and a very stable production environment.