websamplr: Sample anything on the web into Ableton Live

    webSamplr is an instant real-time sampler that samples anything from the web into Ableton Live on record armed tracks. The plugin was written for artists, producers and indie movie scorers to rapidly prototype and write sampling music in Ableton Live and setup a live sampling workflow. It has a built in browser in terms of Max's jweb object.
    The browser is supported by a SQL Lite database of sources classified into 5 types: music, samples, radio, video, social media. ANY donations in support are welcome. Read more about the setup at: https://sandcobainer.github.io/audioblog-/max/2019/01/26/webSamplr.html
    Disclaimer: webSamplr has an external routing dependency in terms of soundflower (Mac) or audio jack (Win). The plugin also displays the sample rate of the current sample being streamed and a spectrogram of the audio.