Wii Drum on PC

    Max reads the MIDI input at channel 10 and uses the Note On and Velocity information to trigger the sounds.
    The sound player for each drum and pedal pads has 8 sfplay~ objects that plays sequentially, to avoid interruptions. In the Hi-Hat cymbal pad, I've used 8 + 8 + 2 sfplay~ objects, to work with closed, opened and closing sounds. The Raid/Crash cymbal pad, uses only 8 + 8 sfplay~ objects!
    All these players are linked to an master sflist~object.
    The velocity information is used to "choose" the audio file played, once there are more than one for each pad, with different intensities... this is better than level control!
    Two sfrecord~ are used to record, on the stereo recorder and on the track recorder.