What if you could transform any sound, sample, or audio source into any other instrument — in real-time?
    A unique, responsive, all-in-one Audio-to-MIDI device, X-Translate converts audio from any source into MIDI note data in real-time to drive any virtual or hardware instrument.
    Live's offline audio-to-MIDI conversion lacks the sort of fine-tuning needed to obtain optimal results in context — let alone options to quantize output rhythmically or into a specific scale and key.
    In default Melody mode, X-Translate uses Sensitivity and Resolution controls to produce generally corresponding MIDI notes. In contrast, Drums mode simply triggers a specified note whenever the threshold is exceeded.
    X-Translate sends MIDI directly via the new routing matrix options introduced in Live 11, is also backwards compatible with earlier versions via the included X-Relay utility, and is already natively scale aware in Live 12, and runs on Push 3 standalone.
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