xeno-canto (aka "Rainforest Tools")

    Node-for-Max Supplemental - xeno-canto (aka "Rainforest Tools")

    In 2018 the visual programming language Max made a big leap forward by officially integrating the server-side language Node.js for the release of Max 8. Node for Max enables users the ability to integrate internet-based sources into their projects using Node.js and ideas can be spun-up with ease using npm (https://www.npmjs.com). The connections paves the way for scalability and opens the door to new forms of data research for scientists and artists. For this post I wanted to create a Node for Max project focused on extracting audio from the web using an API to create a sampler. And I thought it would be cool to create a global bird composition machine, but before I get to that level, I needed to build the tools first. Plus, bird sounds are fun!