xp4l : workflow

    xp4l is a fully integrated system designed to expand with simplicity Ableton Live potential toward the field of spatial sound performance. The goal of xp4l is to provide Ableton users with a flexible and simplified environment to create 3d audio projects.
    It is made of a free m4l suit consisting of 5 devices and a standalone application that users have to purchase.
    The project is partly based on Ircam Spat library, a max-msp object library unique for its ability to simulate virtual acoustic spaces. The project aimed as well to hybridize spatial sound work with a jitter context to offer new perspective in spatial sound design. Then, all the 3d part is handled through a 3d view (a jit.world context), which is kept dynamically instantiated with Ableton.
    With 176 patches/abstraction the project covers almost all areas of max through one standalone, 5 Ableton devices, and spreads over 4 instancing contexts (max/msp/jitter, ableton, ircam spat, max for live).

    Project Website

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      Jul 24 2022 | 4:10 pm
      xp4l has been update in XP 1.11, supporting mac OS intel & M1, Ableton 10 to the very last 11.6
      XP is made of a standalone and 5 max for live devices.
      A new project will be submitted later. In the meantime, please visit www.xp4l.com
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      Sep 08 2022 | 6:23 am
      XP 1.12 is out.
      1.12 log info :
      • bugs : - xp.engine : bug fix for speaker layout - xp.group : bug fix for enable/disable procedural animation - xp.source : bug fix for clear alias - standalone : solo patcher hierarchy change (minor bug) - standalone : bug fix osc syntax for rotation procedural - standalone : bug fix for group delete
      • Improvement :
      - xp.engine passthrough decoding for ambisonics - standalone : ircam spat check at start up. - standalone improvements in registering interface - xp.source : keymode for alias in xp.source - standalone :check for update - standalone :message system improvements
      Normally, the installation should not overwrite your preset folder, but it is better to save it manually just in case prior to update.
      Open ~/Library/Application Support/Xp copy the preset folder, install, check your presets, and if all is well, delete that copy.
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      Nov 17 2022 | 6:42 am
      XP 1.13 is out
      Installation tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjWYBCkNcKY
      1.13 log info : Xp is now supporting Ableton live 11.2.6 / Mac os inte & m1
      Release log
      Release date 10.11.22
      • supports Ableton live 11.2.6
      • supports Ircam spat~ 5.2.9
      • signed and notarized application
      • update system
      • xp icons for the devices
      • doc updated for xp.room/xp.sm
      New device____
      • xp.sm : split and merge audio files
      • xp.room : new ui (time view)
      • xp.engine : speakers layout user library extended
      • xp.engine : configuration panel - monitoring hide/show
      • xp.engine : record/play interface hide/show
      • xp.engine : configuration ui blinking
      • bug fixes for all devices when quiting Ableton (maxmsp api)
      • xp.room : bug for custom parameters recall
      • xp.engine : bug fixes for setwidth for configure/record intefaces