This is a patcher for live manipulation of sound which features four effects (delay, harmoniser, granulator, spectral delay) and an interface for [pattrstorage] which is ideal for structured improvisations. Volume and panning can be controlled by using the macbook trackpad, and in this way one can control the volume and panning of more than one effects at the same time.
    It features John Gibson's spectral delay and granulator.
    The [pattrstorage] interface allows a user to save up to 9 different settings for all the controllable parameters and then recall smoothly between them (with a 0.5 or 25 second interpolation). If the user makes any changes to any of the parameters, this is automatically saved as "state 0", and when the next preset is recalled, [pattrstorage] interpolates between the current state and the recalled state. The user can also drag the line between numbers and interpolate by hand between the whole range of numbers.
    This tool was used for the first time in a live performance with Laonikos (guitar) and Chris Bartholomew (model5 patch) in Aqueous Run, a collaboration with Angélina Jandolo at The Place, London, January 2011.
    Tool Files
    • model5