Multichannel audio in MaxForLive!

    this is an attempt to get multichannel m4l-devices in LIVE,
    for example to create m4l-instruments with more than 2 outputs.
    unlike plugsend~/plugreceive~,this approach sports relatively low,fixed latency.
    the minimum possible latency is the size of your audio buffer minus 64 samples.
    you get a 'live-pack' with 3 live-sets and 3 devices, more or less a construction kit.
    - '1 device sending to 4 buses' is an example where 1 m4l-device sends 8 channels of audio to 4 stereo 'buses'.
    - '4 buses send and receive' has 4 m4l-devices sending to 4 indepedent 'buses'.
    -'bufsend phase test' shows that receiving audio sent on the same 'bus' in different tracks is actually phase-accurate.
    the concept behind is a circular buffer that gets written to in the 'sender'
    and is read out in the 'receiver'.the 'receiver' gets synced once the 'sender' is activated,
    or the latency is adjusted.
    if you set the latency too low,all you get is trash.
    ...done with max7, but working with max6 as well.