C74 Sandbox

    Here is the first C74 Sandbox upload! This patch features 8 combinations of objects to be thought of as modules. Be sure to experiment by moving things around and connecting the combinations in fun, irresponsible ways.
    New mods:
    -[4step] A four step sequence that drives the rest of the patch. -[output] Receives patch data and converts it into synth sounds. -[on/off] A toggle mod for turning steps on/off. -[octave] Controls for setting the global pitch of this sequence. -24/+24 -[delay] Adds another delayed trigger to each step with time control. -[random] on/off for two octaves of pitch randomization. -[automate] Two point automation with time control. -[divide] Create up to four new steps from a single trigger.
    C74 Sandbox one.maxpat
    maxpat 301.46 KB

    by Jr Clark on
    Jan 8, 2021 11:54 PM

    • Stuart Wood
      Feb 18 2021 | 11:48 am
      Thank you JR.
      Looking forward to getting into this, I've already picked up the Smartphones devices which I love and I will be referring to them extensively in my dissertation. I'm so excited by what action-based sequencing has to offer.
    • set mo's icon
      set mo's icon
      set mo
      Feb 27 2021 | 7:10 pm
      How do I download this properly? It just opens the textual code when I click on it.
    • giorgio's icon
      giorgio's icon
      Feb 27 2021 | 7:26 pm
      Copy the text, open Max and go File->New from Clipboard, then save the patch
    • Jr Clark's icon
      Jr Clark's icon
      Jr Clark
      Mar 01 2021 | 3:10 am
      Thats amazing Stuart, thank you! Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions on “abs” or would like to have additional information for your project.
    • Stuart Wood's icon
      Stuart Wood's icon
      Stuart Wood
      Mar 01 2021 | 11:24 am
      Thanks so much JR, I have all the questions! If I think of anything specific I will send it over
    • alessandro bonino's icon
      alessandro bonino's icon
      alessandro bonino
      Mar 13 2021 | 5:46 am
      Oh wow JR Clark, this is so amazing. I think I got lost :D Thank you for this patch, there is so much to learn in it!
    • sean charity's icon
      sean charity's icon
      sean charity
      Jun 23 2021 | 11:19 am
      cool note route study , irresponsible ways , stack overflows? beachballs? just kidding, why did you name this sandbox confuses me more than the machine parts.
    • sean charity's icon
      sean charity's icon
      sean charity
      Jun 25 2021 | 11:48 am
      Im running an A minor scale threw , fist just a math bump , in minor scale +7 and + 2 stay in key without scaling ,,, some sharps slip in + 5 + 3 ,,,, run it threw your scaler in C major fixes the sharp events for a minor,, I think I'm looking for a Coll that is not fixed to a C , so I can fix all the keys not just c maj A minor clan , is there a way to tune this Coll? I got lots of bad arguments if it helps my irresponsible quota.
    • sean charity's icon
      sean charity's icon
      sean charity
      Jun 25 2021 | 8:39 pm
      this work cave man patch style ,, although the u menu invalid most of the time .., correction bad argument , sharps occur on full scale run , on all bumps ,, this sounds good just opening and closing g switches ,, why not C 0 C 2 really?
    • Roman Thilenius's icon
      Roman Thilenius's icon
      Roman Thilenius
      Jun 26 2021 | 3:21 am
      and adding this colorscheme makes what exactly better?
    • sean charity's icon
      sean charity's icon
      sean charity
      Jun 26 2021 | 11:47 am