Cycling '74 Updates Max/MSP/Jitter for Mac Intel

    San Francisco, CA • August 11, 2006 - Cycling '74, a San Francisco-based music software company, today released Max/MSP v. 4.6 and Jitter v. 1.6 which add Universal Binary support for Intel-based Macs running OS 10.4 or later.
    Max, a graphical programming environment for music and media applications, allows its users to schedule events with millisecond accuracy, create complex mappings for incoming data, and run a large number of operations in parallel. In essence, it is a graphic tool to create programs by wiring together objects. MSP extends Max’s capabilities by incorporating audio objects that are connected to create audio patches where signals flow from one object to the next—not unlike the fundamental concept of the modular synthesizer. Jitter is a collection of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for Max.
    Max/MSP v. 4.6 and Jitter v. 1.6 are free Mac updates available now for download at Max/MSP v. 4.6 and Jitter v. 1.6 for Windows will also be free and available in September.

    About Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 creates and distributes Mac OS and Windows software and hardware for audio, video, and new media innovators. Products include the Max/MSP/Jitter graphical programming environment, the Pluggo, Mode and Hipno collections of Max/MSP-based audio plug-ins, the Radial loop-based composition and performance system, the Octirama and UpMix advanced surround design tools, and the interactive algorithmic composition program M. Cycling '74 also releases creative musical works through their c74 recording label and audio source libraries for musicians, sound designers and media producers through its Cycles series.
    Graphics available online at
    Cycling '74, 379A Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415-974-1818,