Buffer Shuffler 2.0 Video Series

Get to know the Max for Live Buffer Shuffler 2.0 – a flexible live sampling and sequencing effect – in this series of tutorial videos on the Max Wiki. Watch all three episodes to learn everything you need to scramble your beats and slice up your tracks.

Visit the Max Wiki for other useful C74 and User-created resources, where you can also add your own.

I've tried this tutorial

Bang! Finished it!

I had some trouble, but got through it.

I did not get this tutorial at all.

Dec 22 2014 | 12:35 am

Looking at the Ableton website, it appears that it is a requirement to have a licence for Live or Push. Can you confirm if that is correct? I had hoped that with the Max 7 M4L integration us Max only users would be able to access/use all M4L devices.

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