Mini Interview: Masato Tsutsui

    Masato Tsutsui is a video artist.

    What got you started?
    I got interested in new technology (or just new jitter object). It had some techniques I wanted to use on my visuals.
    新しい技術・表現(Jitterのオブジェクトとかも)に興味を惹かれる事。 自分の映像に取り込みたい技術・表現を知った時。
    How do you know when something you are working on is finished?
    For VJing tools, if it's favorite music it can take approx 1 hour. But I keep developing as I use it.
    When do you like to use chance or random processes?
    To increase variations of shapes, movements, and colors. Select from among them, and I begin further improvements from there.
    When we use this kind of programming software, I think it is difficult to make things from scratch. We can make a choice which is better.
    私たちがこういったソフトを使うとき、ゼロから作品を生み出すのは難しいと思っています。 でも、生み出されたもののうちどちらがよいか、という決定はし易いですよね。
    What’s something that you would like to be able to do with technology in your work but you can’t at the moment?
    Controlling gravitation, along with human body and liquid.
    What inspires you?
    Of course some visuals others made. Some special techniques are what I want to use on my visuals.
    What is the most difficult obstacle you need to overcome in order to do your thing?
    Changing technology demonstration through visual pieces. It needs impressive stories and a human sense. Images made with Jitter in realtime, while not having to be keeping best quality. Of course quality is important, but a rough state is also required.
    Arque Inc. website (Masato's company)
    Some recent work from Masato: I did the project Vocaloid Opera The End in Paris last winter. I made a realtime generated based video playback system synchronized with sound & light. This project is by the Japanese musician Keiichiro Shibuya. We will perform it all over the world.
    最近のプロジェクトについて 昨年末にパリでボーカロイドオペラ「The End」を行いました。 音楽、照明と連動したリアルタイム映像制御システムの構築をしました。 このプロジェクトは日本の音楽家渋谷慶一郎さんによるプロジェクトで、今後世界中で上演する予定 です。

    The End au Châtelet