Submit Your Tools to or the Package Manager

    Now that we’ve introduced the Package Manager system as part of the Max 7.1 release, some of you may wonder whether or not to submit your own work for inclusion in the Package Manager system, to make use of the MaxObjects website (which has recently been updated) or to submit your tool to our Project gallery. To help you clarify your thinking, we’ve asked a couple of the people associated with both Max and the new website to describe their visions for each alternative.
    Here’s what David Zicarelli, Cycling ‘74’s CEO has to say:
    Started in 2003 by Mathieu Chamagne and Le Quan Ninh, has served the Max community as a searchable database of external objects. There are currently over 4800 objects available for various versions of Max and Pd. Recently adopted from its founders by V.J. Manzo and EAMIR, we support as a valuable resource for distribution of both new and historic extensions to Max.
    In Max 7.1, Cycling ‘74 launched the Package Manager as convenient way to browse and acquire objects, patches, and other resources inside the application. However, still has an important role to play as a way to share objects for older versions of Max or specific platforms.
    The Package Manager lets you use anything you find immediately. Since this model poses some security concerns, we are working with members of the community to ensure that all available packages offer a seamless experience to Max 7 users.
    If you want to distribute your work without any curation intervention, we encourage you to make use of
    Wherever you choose to make your work available to the community, we’ll be on the lookout for exciting work we think Max 7 users will love in package form.
    We reached out to VJ Manzo of EAMIR, and he added:
    In 2015, Ninh, Mathieu, and I began the work necessary to migrate the Max Objects Database to a new platform. We are thrilled to say that the environment will continue on even though Mathieu and Ninh are retiring from this project. We continue to welcome submissions of objects, patches, and other tools from all members of the Max community, and of working with Cycling '74 on providing a platform for their work.
    Here's a recap with important links: